The “32|32 Lifestyle” brand, through our concierge and local partners, is committed to providing hotel guests a unique New York City experience.


The “32|32 Lifestyle” concierge team is made up of skilled professionals who know the City inside and out. They are your ticket for easy, stress-free access to all of the top activities and destinations around town, such as:

You can contact the concierge by calling 1-646-692-3760 from 12AM-7PM EST Monday to Friday or emailing, where someone will respond in a timely fashion.


Hotel 32|32 is proud to exclusively feature the work of local artist Chris Georgalas. Chris was born in Bogota, Colombia before being adopted by an American family as a baby and growing up in Minnesota. From an early age, his adoptive parents encouraged and fostered his creativity, giving him the tools to experiment with sculpture and painting. He went on to pursue an education in Fine Arts while at university, including a final term spent honing his craft in Florence, Italy, before settling down in NYC full-time.

The famous CBGB’s 313 Gallery said of his work, “The artist has been influenced by illustration, comic books, graffiti art, and pop imagery. Georgalas has to be the next progression of a Duchampian ready-made aesthetic suited and amended for contemporary art.” This style, although strikingly distinct, is the product of a wide range of influences and feelings for Chris. As he says, “Creating, whether it was sculpting or painting, has always been what calms me. It has been a creative escape. The drive to create often comes from the music I listen to at the time. Ideas have also been inspired by movies I’ve seen and experiences I’ve been through. The characters in my work often reflect something about me.”

With his Hotel 32/32 exhibition, the great reward to Chris is to have the opportunity to see these elements of himself reach out and connect with something in others.

For guests that cannot get enough of Chris’s work, originals and canvas prints will be available for sale by contacting the Front Desk.

The Cutting Room

Just a few doors down from Hotel 32|32 on 32nd St., you will find The Cutting Room, a venue opened in 2013 that has come to be a mecca for live music in NYC. With décor that pays homage to the culture of rock’n’roll, blues, and jazz, you are transported from the moment you walk through the doors. The main bar and restaurant area greet you with a chandelier made of 18 hanging guitars. The dimmed lights and mahogany wood set the tone as you explore the many tucked-away lounge areas and upstairs balcony level, lined with portraits of famous musicians and dotted with old, arcade-style video games. The main room opens up in the back to an intimate concert hall, where multiple performances are typically held every night of the week. As a guest of Hotel 32|32, you will be entitled to exclusive food and drink deals at the venue, so be sure to check it out if you are looking for a good time.

Boom Fitness

Temporarily unavailable due to COVID-19
With no fitness center located on-site, Hotel 32|32 has partnered with Boom Fitness to offer guests access to its facilities. Boom Fitness is a full-service gym, located just around the corner on Park Avenue, between 32nd and 33rd St. The main room is where the heavy lifting occurs, with weight machines meant to work out all different areas of the body, and well as an area dedicated to free weights. Moving towards the back, guests will find a large cardio room, filled with treadmills, ellipticals, stair masters, stationary bikes, and more. If you plan your visit at the right time, you can even take advantage of free expert-guided group exercise classes in yoga, spinning, Pilates, and Zumba. Boom Fitness makes the post-workout mess a breeze with free towel service and locker room access. To finish your visit, be sure to pick up a tasty, health-conscious beverage at the Juice Bar, perfectly suited to refresh and reinvigorate.